Mr. S – San Diego
They say a picture speaks a 1000 words but in Vivian's case, they speak a million and I am in awe!!! This lady is drop dead gorgeous...everyone was staring at us at dinner and I loved every minute of it. She's the perfect companion and I always feel like we are actually in a real relationship whenever we are together. I guess that's what they call the 'Girlfriend Experience'
Mr. B – Los Angeles
If you’re looking for a life changing experience with a woman of grace and etiquette of a by gone era, a woman that can give you spice and excitement of the new millennium, a woman with unparalleled intelligence and beauty, and other things that should remain a surprise till you meet. Vivian is your ONE & ONLY choice!!! To be honest I’d rather keep her to myself...what can I say!
Samuel – New York
Vivian is the type of woman that looks like she walked right out of a magazine; she is so beautiful that she almost looks unreal. She has such great physical features, but the best part of her is her wonderful personality. She always gives off a lustful and fun vibe. Her time isn’t cheap but you certainly get a wonderful experience that you cannot duplicate. I always look forward to seeing her whenever she comes to town.
Freddy – Chicago
Spending time with Vivian always feels like revisiting an old flame. She has a wonderful attitude and such a positive spirit that you can’t help but get caught up in the natural high she gives you. I always feel like I’m coming down from cloud nine whenever I leave her presence. We always have great conversation that could go on for hours, which is why I always book overnight sessions with her. She’s just too great of a lady that you want to spend as much time with her as you can. I am her regular for life! Well at least until she retires, which I hope is no time soon!
Mohammed – Dubai
Meeting a woman like Vivian is a once in a lifetime experience; she is one of the most terrific women I’ve ever had the pleasure of spending time with. Every time she opens the door, she always looks stunning in her attire and sexy heels. She always sets a romantic tone with music, candles, lighting, etc. I love her shapely athletic legs and rear, but her best feature is that she is such a wonderful person. It is so pleasant and comfortable being with her; she is smart, funny, and real…just a perfect person to spend time with. Awesome time!
Charles – London
I have seen Vivian many times and seeing her is always a breeze. She is a very sexy lady with mysterious eyes and a pretty smile, always friendly and never in a bad mood. I always book a dinner date with her because we always have a great time. It is so erotic to have this beautiful creature sit across you at the dinner table, giving you that look like she wants to devour every inch of you. It’s such a turn on! We talk about everything from world events, to her goals and my career. It is like truly being on a great date with your girlfriend, only without the awkwardness of a vanilla relationship. Vivian is a very sweet lady and a lot of fun to be with; it’s too bad she doesn’t live in London or I probably would have made her my full-time girlfriend by now. I’m looking forward to our weeklong trip planned in Ibiza!
Navabi – Minneapolis
First of all, booking with Vivian was a breeze. She is very generous and accommodating, and always replies to emails quickly.  I even had to adjust the appointment once due to an unexpected change in my schedule and she was very sweet about it. When she opened the door, I was floored by her. She has a stunningly beautiful face and body with such great definition and curves. I came straight from work and she had my shower set up and even had a spare toothbrush for me to freshen up. I had a wonderful time with a great woman and I hope to see her sometime soon.
William – Los Angeles
When I saw that Vivian would be visiting Los Angeles I couldn’t pass up a chance to meet her. I booked a session well in advance and I was very impressed with how organized she was. When we met, I was happy to see that her pictures were completely accurate and that she has a beautiful face. Her outfit was so seductive and she had such gorgeous toned legs. Her place was elegant and the mood was sensual. I couldn’t take my eyes off her as we talked and the experience was one I will never forget. This woman is a treasure!
Elliot – Las Vegas
Vivian is an amazing lady and beautiful beyond words. She set me at ease and was very easy to talk to. She has amazing flawless soft skin and really exceeded my expectations. It felt more like I was on a date with my dream girl. She is beautiful in every aspect, a bright young lady, and one of the prettiest women I’ve ever seen. I had to even extend my session because I just couldn’t get enough of her.  She is a wonderful person and very skilled at what she does.
Michael – Denver
I was pleasantly surprised when I met Vivian, as she looks even better than her photos. She was wearing a colorful short tight fitting sundress with sexy heels. She looked so temptingly hot; she is a young very attractive lady with a pretty face and an incredibly hot body. I gave her a few small gifts that I had brought for her and she gave me a big thank you kiss, which made me happy I did. I also brought her favorite champagne and we laughed and carried on like two old friends. She is simply outstanding and I plan on visiting with her again whenever she returns.
Daniel – Sydney
I found out Vivian was visiting Sydney and jumped on the chance to see her. She is very exotic, sexy, and has a super cool, laid back attitude. Her apartment was very nice and relaxing. It happened to be around Halloween and Vivian suggested dressing up in her schoolgirl outfit because she loves dressing up for Halloween. Who was I to argue? I was floored at the sexy lady standing before me. She gave me a killer lap dance and really got me turned on. She moved so elegantly and her seductive dance almost put me in a trance; I could have watched her move for hours. We had a great connection and she gives a great massage. I ended up seeing her several times before she left. I can’t wait till she comes back to Oz.
Patrick – Boston
I had to wait for almost a month to see Vivian because I missed her when she was last in town, but good things come to those who wait. I was greeted by a beautiful ebony goddess in red. I was a little nervous and anxious but she made me feel at ease in an instant with a relaxing back rub and conversation. Vivian is a very sensual and passionate woman; velvet soft lips and flawless body with fantastic curves. She smelled incredible and I loved that she maintained eye contact with me. I’m glad that I found this amazing lady. I will definitely be seeing more of her.