Thank you for taking the time to fill out my Reservation Form as it is the best way to make an appointment with me in the UNITED STATES. You should expect to hear back from me within 1-4 hours.

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PLEASE NOTE: Screening is MANDATORY for all first-time Clients in the interest of a mutually safe and comfortable experience. I will request to see a government issued ID when we meet in person. All information collected is used for screening only. After you submit your information it will be sent DIRECTLY to me. I do not share your info with anyone, it is deleted after we have met.

Due to my busy schedule, verification for new clients may take anywhere from 1 to 4 hours so please be patient. It will be worth the wait. After I have verified all your information, a final confirmation will be made by phone or email.

Everything you need to know about booking an appointment with me is listed on this site. If you have any additional questions, please email me at:

A deposit might be required for some bookings

My screening process is very simple and I have 3 options you can choose from.
OPTION 1: I accept verified members of the following sites: Roomservice2000 and P411.
OPTION 2: I accept references from reputable providers you have seen in the past, but must not be over 3 months. Please include their phone number, email, and a link to the providers website,
Twitter page, or online advertisement.
OPTION 3: Provide me with your employment information, company’s website address and/or job number and extension. You may also provide a link to your LinkedIn profile. As I have stated previously, my screening process is very discreet.

All information you provide is safe and confidential. Please remember, discretion on both ends must be equally respected. Remember, I’m simply trying to protect myself……. I reserve the right to decline any appointment I deem necessary. I will never contact you unless you request me to, and only in the manner and times requested.

I certainly understand that unforeseen circumstances could cause you to cancel our appointment. However if it is not done within 7 days or more, you will have to pay a cancelation fee to accommodate my inconvenience. If you cancel our appointment within 48 hours or less, the fee is 50% of the booking. If you cancel our appointment within 72 hours, the fee is 25% of the booking. If you cancel our appointment in less than 7 days, the fee is 15% of the booking.