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Written by Vivian

How To Be A Good Kisser

I’ve heard many women (both civilians and companions) complain about horrible experiences they have had with kissing men. I’ve also had my fair share of bad kissers so I thought it would be a great idea to give the gentlemen out there some tips on how to kiss and not be “Brad the bad kisser”, from Sex & The City. Watch the clip below and you can learn what not to do!

Foreplay is everything when it comes to sexual chemistry. Most people love kissing; I enjoy kissing because it is such an intimate act and it can connect you almost instantly to your partner. What I do not like however is a bad kisser, because it kills the entire mood and there’s usually no coming back from that. So without further ado, here are some tips on being a good kisser to effectively arouse your partner.

  1. Make sure you have clean minty fresh breath. No one likes a foul mouth! So brush your teeth and tongue, floss, and use mouthwash before you attempt to make out with anyone. I give many more hygiene tips on my PODCAST Episode 17, so please go listen and take notes.
  2. Watch your lady’s body language and follow her lead. Look her directly in the eyes, caress her shoulder or even better, take her hand and kiss it as you would the Queen of England. Then lean in and start with a soft touching of your lips to hers.
  3. Kiss with your mouth closed for a few lingering seconds (take your time and savor the moment) and then slowly slip your tongue into her mouth. If she resists you on this, then you probably have bad breath, which means you didn’t listen to my advice on hygiene…BAD BOY!
  4. More than likely she will slip her tongue in your mouth right back. Then slowly you should both caress your tongues with each other’s. Do not make the rookie mistake of sticking your tongue in her mouth and flopping it around like a fish out of water. There is a certain rhythm with kissing and you will not find it unless you’re following her lead.
  5. Do not spit in her mouth unless she asks you too. Spitting is a completely different fetish and has no place in seductive kissing, unless discussed before hand.
  6. NO SLOBBERING! That is not sexy at all. You are not a dog, you are a gentleman, so please keep your saliva in your mouth as much as possible. Kissing doesn’t have to be sloppy to be good. It has to be sensual and slow.
  7. Have fun! Enjoy your partner…kissing her neck, ears, and slowly working your way all over her body will drive her wild!

I hope this helps the gentlemen (and maybe ladies) out there who are looking for guidance on being a good kisser. Good luck on your seduction journey, xoxo.

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