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Eros Miami

The next ad platform I will discuss in my blog series is EROS MIAMI.


Eros has been around for about 24 years; this makes it a website that is trusted by a lot of clients. It is one of the most popular escort websites in the United States (if not the most). I have consistently advertised on Eros Miami (and other cities) with very positive results.


Eros’ website is built very much like a typical directory. It is fairly easy to navigate and you can browse based on ethnicity, hair color, location, etc. When you first visit eros Miami, the first thing you will see are the “diamond escorts“, followed by the “girls of the day” and “featured platinum escorts“. These ladies are paying a premium to be on this page. Depending on your niche, you can actually be featured on this page for a minimal cost in your city, provided that your niche isn’t over saturated. When you go to eros’ main page, you will see a list of all the states in the U.S that they are in, followed by Canada, Italy, and the U.K. Then scrolling down, you will see a list of the “worldwide escorts“; these individuals are paying a high premium to be on this page. I would only recommend advertising on this page, to companions only looking to book “fly me to you” dates; just know that it is not at all inexpensive. All in all, the layout is easy to navigate which is a huge plus for them, because clients will give up on your website if it is difficult to navigate.


Eros has been around for over two decades and they practically dominate the U.S market. They used to be second only to the now defunct backpage Miami. Today they are number one in most markets, and only sometimes second to adultsearch Miami which seems to have taken the place of backpage. The only complaint I hear from ladies about eros is that they are not in the smaller markets, which backpage dominated. It’s certainly harder to tour smaller cities these days. I think Twitter is practically the only place you can announce your tours to smaller cities.


Eros used to be extremely easy to use pre-FOSTA; but now they seem to have a lot of red tape and hoops to jump through to get an ad approved. Plus they are so vague about what exactly got your ad rejected in their emails, and it is a lot harder to reach them and get a response in real time. They used to respond to messages within the hour and ads usually went up the same day, if it was a business day. My guess is that they are trying to stay compliant to the new laws ever since they got raided back in November 2017. I do like the ease of ad creation on their platform. You can build an ad very quickly, it just doesn’t get processed as quickly. Just make sure to be careful with the wording you use and do not use pictures with below the waist nudity. Try to have your images be as ‘non-sexual’ in nature as possible. A lot of ladies have taken to twitter to post pictures that were rejected by eros and the pictures seem pretty tame to me (no nudity). Again, they are probably just trying to cover their asses so if you want to advertise there, you would need to tote the line.


There has been a lot of speculation in the industry about the ongoing affairs of eros. Most people think they are working with the feds, but I guess time will tell. I will say that I get pretty great returns on my investment when I advertise with eros Miami, so I will continue to advertise with them until that is no longer the case. They also tend to attract high quality clients (dinner dates/overnights) which is excellent in my book! At the end of the day, consistency and having a significant online presence is key to attracting well paying clients. Many clients will ‘google’ your name and it helps to show up on several platforms including social media. It helps you look more legitimate in their eyes and eros is a website that a lot of clients trust. Just make sure the websites you opt to advertise on, have the image/brand you are trying to portray for yourself.

Happy Returns!

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