The best escorts in miami
Written by Vivian

Why I am the BEST escort in Miami

Yes I know it sounds cocky but please read on and you will soon discover why I view myself as the best in my field, and the best companion for you.

I’ve always put in 100% into EVERYTHING I do. I do not know how to do anything in a mediocre way, and I always aim to be the best in whatever I do, and this means creating the best experience for you while we’re together. I enjoy being a companion to a wonderful gentleman like you. I love the foreplay that leads to uninhibited bliss at the end of the night. From soft kisses to ‘come hither’ flirty looks at the dinner table, everything about spending time with you lights up my soul.

No man wants to be with a woman that isn’t into him. Darling please know that you will always receive my undivided attention and affection when we are together. I will make you feel like the only man in the world and you will never forget it. I am truly passionate about being an unforgettable companion and you will experience it for yourself when we spend time together. My entire energy is completely focused on and dedicated to making you feel like a man and very much alive! Simply define your desire and I will design your experience and exceed your expectations.

Now let’s talk aesthetics…I know that men like you enjoy being with a beautiful woman like me, who takes care of her body and puts serious effort into her appearance. You love a woman who is the ultimate eye candy and draws in envious looks from men who wish they could trade places with you. You love a woman who has excellent fashion sense and knows how to dress for any occasion. Well my dear gentleman, that woman is me. I consider myself the ultimate seductress who can look sexy in either a casual or formal look; with discretion always in mind.

Yes my photos and videos are stunning, however the real treasure lies in meeting me and awakening your spirit of adventure and experiencing the luxury of absolute inhibition. All it takes is a few simple clicks on my booking form, or sending my assistant an email and the rest is pure bliss.

Are you ready to ready to be bold and aim higher?

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