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Written by Vivian


I have gotten quite a few emails from ladies about the best places to advertise online, so I decided to do a blog series on each ad platform to share my experience in using them for marketing.

The first platform I will blog about is SLIXA.


Slixa has been around for about 8 years so it is still fairly new compared to bigger websites like eros miami and backpage miami, that have been around for over 20 years.


Slixa’s website is actually visually appealing and well put together, but I will say that it could become a bit confusing to clients and your ad might be accidentally buried if you are not a VIP advertiser, or constantly “available now”. The homepage showcases mainly the VIP and “featured” advertisers. I was actually a contacted by Slixa to be a “featured Slixa girl” a few months back, and it does give you decent exposure. When you click on your desired city, the VIP advertisers again are front and center, while the non vip’s are at the bottom with significantly smaller thumbnails and text. I would guess that they are trying to encourage the companions to opt for vip advertising.


Slixa doesn’t rank as high as the bigger websites, but they seem to be slowly growing. They are either on the very bottom of the first page or not even there altogether, when you do a google search. This isn’t good because they are charging for advertisement which isn’t particularly dirt cheap (about $60/month or so for a basic ad). For example, when you search for “miami escorts” on google, they are #7 out of 10 on the search results. Some would argue that #7 isn’t a good ranking, while others would be happy with a ‘first page’ appearance. I say imagine if you were shelling out money for VIP advertising, would this work for you? I have heard some ladies in New York and Los Angeles say they they have gotten really great clients (dinner dates/overnights) from Slixa, but I can tell you that I have not yet had one in Miami. Slixa does stress to their advertisers that clients usually find you on their website first and then go browsing to do more research on you, so they end up telling you that they found you on the last website they ended up on. They sent you weekly stats showing the traffic on your advertisement and mine has been less than promising.


I have had issues on more than one occasion when it came to making payment post FOSTA. The website automatically declines your card and you have to call the billing company to tell them that the issue is on their end. They always try to convince you to call your credit card company and the issue is never on my end but on theirs. I don’t know about you, but if someone makes it difficult for me to pay for their service, I will probably go else where or they move them to the bottom of the list of my priorities. I could see if they had the traffic and conversions needed, but sadly they do not as of yet. I would advise them to pour more money into their SEO and marketing efforts. As for creating your ad content, it is fairly easy and automated. You do have to submit verification information on every new photo you post though. This can get a bit annoying but I can understand that they want to make sure that the advertisers are not misrepresenting themselves.


In conclusion, I’ve listened a lot of ladies complain about not getting a return on their advertisement when it comes to Slixa driving traffic to their websites. I will say that as of today, they are currently the #9 referral of traffic to my website (per¬†google analytics). Since they are in the top 10 referrals for me, I will continue to advertise with them. At the end of the day, consistency and having a significant online presence is key to attracting well paying clients. Many clients will ‘google’ your name and it helps to show up on several platforms including social media. It helps you look more legitimate in their eyes. Just make sure the websites you opt to advertise on, have the image/brand you are trying to portray for yourself. However, if you are just starting out and have a limited budget, I wouldn’t advise that you advertise with Slixa until you’re in a better financial position.

Happy Returns!

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