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Adult Search Miami

The next ad platform I will discuss in my blog series is ADULT SEARCH MIAMI.


Adult Search has been around for about 21 years; I believe it has somewhat taken over the void that backpage left after it was shut down. I have advertised on Adult Search Miami (and other cities), but not very consistently so naturally, the traffic I have gotten from them also hasn’t been consistent. I will say that I do get traffic when I do advertise with them though. I haven’t advertised with them since the backpage shut down but I am currently planning my online marketing test campaign, so I will update this blog once I get some measurable results.


Adult Search’s website is a bit too busy for my taste and ever since backpage got shut down, they have somewhat tried to copy the same format backpage had. When you log onto their main page, they have the ‘top international cities‘ on the left and the ‘U.S metropolitan areas‘ on the right. Then underneath they have links to listings in the United States, U.S Territories, Canada, United Kingdom, Europe, Latin America, Caribbean, The Middle East, Asia, Africa, Australia, and Oceania. When you visit Adult Search Miami, there are links to 6 main categories: escorts, massage parlors, strip clubs, sex shops, lifestyle clubs, and gay bath houses. As of today there are 450 escort listings in Miami; when you click on ‘escorts‘, it takes you a page very similar to that of the former backpage, with ‘sponsored ads‘ on the right side of the page. The escort listings with photos are in the middle, and on the left side of the page are the different categories you can browse by. Like I said they are way too busy because they seem to be attempting to cater to EVERYONE in the adult industry space; plus lots of ads all over the website.


Adult Search Miami is currently number 1 on the google search for “Miami escorts“; like I stated, they seemed to have filled the void left by backpage after its demise. However, I think they need to either pick a niche, or work on making their website more visually appealing because it is currently too busy. I have also heard some ladies complain that while adult search seems to get their phone ringing, the phone calls are mostly from the time wasters of the former backpage, who are all too excited to try their tactics on this platform. This means that while Adult Search is climbing up the ranks in google, the quality of their clients aren’t doing the same and seem to be mostly time wasters. Perhaps with time and some tweaking on their part, they could attract more paying clientele to alleviate the nuisance of time wasters.


Just like Eros and Slixa, Adult Search Miami has an automated tool to build your ad online. The platform is pretty easy to use to create ads. One thing that turned me off is that they are now requiring you to take a picture of your credit card and ID to send to them in order to create a new ad (I was attempting to renew an old ad). This is probably another reason why I have been reluctant to advertise with them. I haven’t magically changed who I am and have been using the same credit card, so why the need for a photo of it? It just screamed “scam” to me so I decided to wait and watch how they fair in 2018 and perhaps I would consider advertising with them. They also want you to send a video for verification which they say doesn’t have to show your face, but their website only allows a very small “maximum” file size which makes it hard to upload your video onto the platform. This means you have to email it in, and just like Eros, they take ages to get back to you. As for potential clients browsing to find you, the website is just too busy, which could deter a busy “paying” client with limited browsing time (he will just give up and search elsewhere). Meanwhile, the time wasters who seems to have all the time in the world have no issues going through the entire website, looking for their next victim.


I haven’t heard many praises sang about Adult Search and that could very well mean that their current traffic doesn’t consist of the clients that are serious about booking companions. Hopefully they will listen to the ladies and do something about it. Since they are cheap enough I would say that a lady can try them for at least 3 months (even though the norm is 6) and make her judgment based on her experience. At the end of the day, consistency and having a significant online presence is key to attracting well paying clients. Many clients will ‘google’ your name and it helps to show up on several platforms including social media. It helps you look more legitimate in their eyes. Just make sure the websites you opt to advertise on, have the image/brand you are trying to portray for yourself. Most importantly, TRACK YOUR MARKETING EFFORTS!

Happy Returns!

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