Written by Vivian

4 ways to find the right companion for you

With the rise of social media and the easy access to this platform, it can get overwhelming when attempting to find the right lady to keep you company. There are so many girls (or images of girls) online that men find it a bit difficult to figure out which lady is right for them. Who is real and who isn’t? Who will give you a great experience? Here are 4 guidelines to help you with the process:

  1. Research, research, research – it is not enough to just search for escorts in your city, you also have to vet the woman you plan on asking to spend time with you. It baffles me how many men don’t even care to know if the lady they are interested in is ‘legit’. They see a sexy picture, call the number, show up and find that the girl in the photo looks nothing like the girl in person. I have clients in Dubai that have told me “the girl in the photo was a completely different race from the girl in person!” Just the gentlemen doing a little bit of research would have saved all that time wasted.

It goes without saying that high-end companions, like myself, at minimum would have the following: a professional looking website, high quality professional photos, and a social media account (usually Twitter). The more ‘legit’ the lady is, the more likely it is to find her online on different platforms. Beware of advertisements that just have a phone number and low quality ‘selfie’ pictures. Chances are that girl is not real or is just looking to make some quick cash (so customer service doesn’t really matter to her); either way you will NOT BE HAPPY seeing this person, and let’s hope that a fake girl is the worst experience you encounter.

  1. Read her website thoroughly – Once you have found the lady that suits you, visit her website and read it thoroughly and follow instructions on how to book her. The lady will want to screen you; this is normal. If she doesn’t, RUN! A lady that doesn’t care about her safety is most likely not interested in yours either, nor is she interested in making you happy. I know a few guys that got drugged and robbed because they went for a girl that didn’t screen, trying to be anonymous. It cost them dearly. Also note that, getting robbed is the BEST-case scenario if you go with a lady that doesn’t screen. I don’t think I need to tell you what the worst-case scenario is.

If a lady requires a deposit never fret. She does it to make sure you are serious. Most high-end companions require a small deposit: just send it. You will be glad you did because you will get to meet the quality lady of your dreams with zero hassle.

  1. Be mindful of her time – So you passed her screening and you have a set date and time to meet: congratulations! Now it gets easy. Make sure you let her know if anything comes up and you have to cancel (well in advance), and don’t be late. Some ladies might charge a small cancelation fee, which means you are still in her good graces and she will see you again. You put in a lot of time and effort to get a date with her; the last thing you want is for her to blacklist you for some dumb mistake like not respecting her time. And if you think you can just find another lady, you won’t, because most ladies talk and word will spread that you are a time waster…not a good look.
  2. Apply these rules to the next girl you have your eye on – There you have it. You did it! Now rinse and repeat. The escort world is waiting to embrace and reward you in ways you never imagined.
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